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When life gives you chipotle sauce…

August 26, 2009

I spent the day mulling about what to do for the first real blog post.  Farmers market?  Too sincere, right out of the gate.  Mac and cheese?  Maybe too homey.  Conversation with Betty Fussell?  Too foodie.

And then I was given a gift.  The gift of a cooking screw up.

Chipotle Chicken Salad PlateI made barbecued chicken last night.  With the remaining homemade bbq sauce I had made last week (or so I thought), stretched out with some bottled sauce lying around in my fridge.  A perfect example of how one figures out how to make it all work.

So, Gary (my lovely dish-washing husband) finishes basting, and brings the chicken to the table.   “Oh my God, that sauce is hot,” says Gary, gasping for air. “Wow, “says I, “Interesting that it got so much hotter over a week.” And then I taste it.  Holy holy.  And then I realize.  That wasn’t my homemade sauce that I stretched out at all.  That was the can of chipotles chilis in adobo sauce that I had just pureed.  Looked just like the barbecue sauce.

Now, there are three kids at the table, and since one of them isn’t mine, I feel obligated not to actually injure this child with my food.  I remove the hot part of the outside chicken, and everyone is eating the smokey insides and enjoying it, with copious amounts of milk, though Gary makes a hot dog for himself.  And then I realize that the rest of the chicken, the hot parts, will be absolutely amazing mixed with pasta and tossed with a soothing creamy dressing.  So I make Patricia Wells’ Buttermilk-Thyme Dressing, toss it up with some cooked pasta and my crazily over chipotle-seasoned chicken, and serve it for lunch.  And that’s how we roll.

When life gives you chipotle sauce, make chicken pasta salad.Chipotle Chicken Salad

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  1. September 10, 2009 3:44 pm

    I keep leftover chipotle chilies in my fridge because I usually only use 1 at a time. We have tame tastes! I can’t imagine how hot your sauce was.

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