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Rooting for Chicken Wings

September 22, 2009

Football. Woo hoo. And I hope that came across as sincerely as I meant it. I try, but I just don’t care much about the game…but I do love the snacks that go alongside. First of all, if I’m lucky enough to be at the occasional live game, then give me a bucket of oversalted popcorn and a beer and I will occupy myself quietly until halftime. If I’m at home however, and the game is on, then the game is ON, in terms of snacks.

Blashford-Snell Chicken Wings

Firstly and foremostly, let’s talk about the chicken wing. It’s the smallest part of the bird, but during football season it becomes the most important part in terms of what you all (ya’ll for the Southerners) can do with it, for at-home game enjoyment. Let’s be healthy another day of the week. Did you know that at the U.S. open you could buy sushi? I think sushi may be the greatest food on the planet, but sport food it ain’t.

Back to the chicken wing.Deep-frying is definitely flinging oneself off the deep end of I-don’t-care, both in terms of cholesterol and clean up, but frankly, my dear, if there’s ever a time, wings might be it.

So, how else to fulfill that happy hour/everybody-knows-your-name bar food fantasy at home? Bake them. You’re still not going to high-five yourself tallying up those Weight Watchers points (and ahem, were you going to skip the blue cheese dressing?), but that’s not why you’re still reading, are you?

Thank you, that was cathartic. I’ve persuaded myself…did I convince you?

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