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Cloudy with a Chance of Salad

September 30, 2009

I happen to love salad, and my kids do, too. I know, I know…annoying. But it’s true.

But just so’s you know, we just got back from a movie with the kids–Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs–during which I indulged them in not only candy (sour gummy worms, specifically) but also that over-salted over-oiled popcorn (which, BTW, is one of my top 10 desert island foods, and free refills from the movie theater in my eyes are like a winning lottery ticket, even though I feel a little bit ill afterwards, and my lips are pruney).

So, we rolled out of the movie, which we all give a thousand thumbs up, face to face with dinnertime. My kids suggested pizza. I suggested Not a Chance. We needed something slightly green. So, that’s what we had. I made a simple tossed salad, some broiled chicken tenders, and chopped up a bunch of other veggies, and the sheer pleasure of a miniature salad bar at home triumphed over all whinging (this is British for whining, which makes me feel better about the word whining), and the end of the evening was punctuated by a good dinner, trumping the crapola I has let my kids indulge in hours earlier.

Here’s what my mini salad bar held:

-spinach and romaine, tossed with rice wine vinegar, olive oil, and a bit of mustard, salt and pepper
-chick peas
-slivered red onions
-sliced cucumbers
-shaved carrots (my older son did this with a vegetable peeler, but you can do carrots however you like)
-crumbled feta
-leftover green beans with butternut squash (all leftover veggies are more than welcome)
-cherry tomatoes
-broiled chicken tenders (salt and pepper, nothing more)

You’d be surprised at what you can create salad bar-wise, if you dig around in your vegetable bin.

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