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Sick Kid, Kinda Boring Weekend…But Oh, Those Brownies!

November 2, 2009

I am almost never bored. It’s because I just keep piling it on. My husband sometimes — not unkindly — sometimes refers to me as a gerbil. Sometimes I think that I catch him and my children wistfully looking out the window, waiting for someone lazy to adopt them.

BrownieBut this weekend, slowness was foisted upon me/us starting Saturday morning when my younger son got nailed with a cold. So, after the pleasure of letting him know that Halloween had been kinda canceled for him (we did let him trick or treat briefly in the apartment building — he was wearing a mask, after all), there was a lot of apartment time this weekend.  Alec Baldwin really nails it as the gruff but tender voice of the ringleader in Cats and Dogs.

But my point is this: have you tried Matt Lewis and Rentao Poliatito‘s infamous Baked Brownie? Despite the fact that our apartment is riddled with miniature Snickers bars, I did break up the day by making these. Wow. That’s a brownie. Small pieces are all you need. Haunting would be the word. Again, wow.

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