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You Should Throw a Party

December 3, 2009

Your friends will love you for throwing a party. They will. No one is going to come to your house and critique the food. Ok, if they do, they are not your real friends anyhow. Phooey on them.

People just love it when you entertain them in your house. They are happy for the invite, they are happy to have homemade food to eat, and they just want to have a drink with you, and feel festive.

This has been a crappy year for a lot of people. Even if you and your immediate family have weathered the storm without any visible bruises, you no doubt know people who have been a bit banged up by (oh, how I long for a time when this phrase isn’t being used in every sentence) THE ECONOMY. Which is why even though the actual holiday of Thanksgiving is now a week past (I know this because I just tossed the turkey drumstick that has been lurking around in my fridge), this whole damn holiday season needs to be dedicated to the act of giving thanks.

And you know what? You can make the whole shebang potluck if you like, which not only takes some of the craziness off of your plate, but also gives everyone something nice to do. P.S. You will have the most exciting fridge full of leftovers, ever.

Are you entertaining? How? Casual? Fancy? Cocktail party? What are you making?

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  1. December 30, 2009 1:47 pm

    I agree! Host at least one big party a year and you’ll eventually have lots of invites to other people’s fabulous parties. What’s better than a party with close friends filled with delicious beverages and food? I host one huge party a year and then my friends all host one or two which makes for many good times. has some of my party tips and info on my annual very merry cocktail party.

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