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Today is a Snow Day…Which Means a Strata Day

February 10, 2010

So, yesterday, in preparation for the incoming snow storm, all schools in our city decided they would be closed today. This translated into: me lugging home possibly the last two plastic sleds in Manhattan on the subway (thrilled to have found some), my older son asking if his best friend could sleep over (while son and aforementioned best friend were actually on their way home), and the traditional snowstorm angst over what we had in the house to cook, knowing that there will be a hunk o’ kids over today.

So, today’s breakfast started last night, because …well, just because. I thought, strata! And said such to the three boys.  Here are the reactions:

Charlie: "What's strata?"

Jack: "Show me the strata."

Ben, waiting to see what's up.

So, a quick search on Cookstr yielded cheese whiz Laura Werlin’s strata, and I got to work. But I didn’t have French bread. And with 3 boys under my care, a last minute dash to a boulangerie wasn’t happening. Calling in the snowstorm card! Sliced whole wheat bread. Yes, yes, not the same thing, but we are making STRATA in an impending SNOWSTORM, people. It’s go time! At that exact moment, Michael Scott said (on a rerun of The Office), “We can’t lose the triumph of the will!”  That seemed to be a sign to forge on.

So, here’s how it came together last night:

The cheese sprinkled on the bread in the pan:

And the next layer of bread:

And the eggy milky mixture:

Eggs and milk...that's it.

Soaking it up

This should be good...unless you're lactose intolerant...then it won't be good at all.

And into the fridge it goes.

(Fast forward to today).

Hot and ready for the critics.

Jury is out.

Really loving it.

Loving it.

And my husband and I loved it.

A happy man.

So, there you have it.  1 snow day, 1 strata, and 3 boys.  Thanks, Laura Werlin, and thanks Duane Reade for not running out of milk.  Now, onto the chili….

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  1. Linda Beckman permalink
    February 10, 2010 5:39 pm

    Yummmm–love strata!

  2. Claudia permalink
    February 11, 2010 10:33 pm

    We are having snow WEEK, not day, down here in the mid-Atlantic. If able to get out of the driveway – that’s a big if – and go to the supermarket, chances are that they are out of what you’re looking for. There are actually bare shelves! In aisle 4 the other day there was a grit crisis. I bonded with 4 other women over the absence of grits. (After all, the Mason-Dixson Line is around here.) All this to say, give us more Snow Days foods that we can whip up from what we excavate from our freezers and pantries. The strata sounds scrumptious, though I’ll be scrounging the cheese bin in the fridge for what’s available.

  3. lizzie permalink
    February 12, 2010 4:27 pm

    This is my meal for tmorrow’s lunch! Laughed my way through reading the process and plan to reenact this tomorrow morning with my two daughter’s and their two friends who are sleeping over due to the torrential snow we have here in DC! Thanks Katie! keep them coming!

  4. papa / grammy Freilich permalink
    February 13, 2010 11:27 am

    All the pictures are simply delicious but especially love the kids


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