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Worth Buying Extra Bananas For…

June 2, 2010

If we don’t have a few bananas turning brown on the counter, I feel a bit out of sorts, because that means there is no possibility of banana bread in my immediate future. I have been know to go into a supermarket and ask for the brown bananas that have been retired from the produce section. The solution, of course, is to buy more bananas that you can reasonably expect your family to consume, and within a very short time you will have speckled bananas issuing a call to arms to make one of the best-smelling baked goods known to the human race.

We have a dazzling array of banana recipes on Cookstr, but one that has been speaking to me lately has been Lucinda Scala Quinn’s banana bread. Okay, okay, fine, it’s not a bread, it’s a Banana Cake, but frankly the difference bvetween quick breads and cake has always seemed like a a pretty fine line to me, and if you want we can discuss over a nice slice of banana whatever. I suppose the somewhat streusel-esque brown sugar topping tilts this over slightly into the cake category, but then again, streusel on a muffin is perfectly acceptable, and doesn’t slide it over into the category of cupcake. But since I am clearly arguing with no one, I will just show you a photo of this weekend’s most recent version (I multiplied the recipe by half again, and baked it for a bit longer, and it was well received, to say the least.

Lucinda Scala Quinn's Banana Cake

This recipe is from the delightful Lucinda’s Authentic Jamaican Kitchen, and shortly we’ll have recipes from her newest book, Mad Hungry, which has dozens of appealing recipes that she created to feed her manly family. I hope this doesn’t give you banana envy.

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  1. Caroline permalink
    June 24, 2010 1:23 pm

    Liked it a lot!

  2. July 12, 2010 11:06 am

    When bananas get too ripe for eating, let them get totally, totally ripe, then you can just toss them in the freezer. They’ll turn all black and scary-looking, but it’s okay! Just defrost them when needed, and they’ll make flavorful banana bread. Once defrosted, they’re pretty slimy, earning them the name “banana slugs” at our house.


  1. Amit Agarwal

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