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Sick Kid Project #2: Vanilla Ice Cream

August 11, 2010

Months ago, stuck in the house with a sick Charlie, we spent the day making the extraordinarily labor intensive Daisy-Head Mayzie Burger (a hamburger with a homemade cookie garnish sticking out of it).  This past Sunday it was Jack who was brought to his knees with a summer fever, while his younger brother was whisked away to the merriment of a week with his cousins.  After some crying, some Monopoly, some more crying, and some cards, and still a little more crying, we needed a kitchen project.

We usually make ice cream a few times every summer, but this has been a bumpier broken-foot summer for me, so I’m still catching up on all of the regular summertime cooking activities.  Anyway, ice cream it was, and by a miracle I had vanilla beans and cream in the house, and so we started on Mark Peel’s Vanilla Ice Cream.

Classic vanilla ice cream

Don’t let anyone tell you making your own homemade ice cream is quick.  It’s a process, but it was great, and amongst other things Jack discovered:

1) Vanilla extract comes from vanilla beans, and all those little seeds inside the beans are where the flavor is.

2) Why you can’t just add hot liquid to eggs (scrambled), and how to temper them.

3) Why you heat things that are just going to be frozen later (infuse with flavor).

4) What an ice bath is, and how it chills things faster.

5) Why Daddy takes Lactaid.

It was custard-y and dense and rich as anything, and we also made some hot fudge sauce to go with it, just because.  My mother pronounced it the best ice cream she’s ever had, and I don’t think it was just because her grandson made it.

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  1. February 28, 2013 8:21 pm

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