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The Cookstr 10: Easter Classics and Remakes

April 21, 2011

The symbols of Easter are not only representative of the rebirth and new life that spring promises, but also of all the delicious foods that celebrate the season: eggs, lamb, the Easter bunny’s mouthful of carrots, and baskets loaded with colorful chocolate confections.

Jamie Oliver's Easter Lamb

Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or luncheon with all the frills, looking for the perfect make-ahead dish to bring as a dinner guest, or putting together homemade treats to fill Easter baskets for little ones, here are ten recipes that celebrate traditional Easter customs as well as unconventional updates on the moveable feast.

Lauren Groveman's Chocolate Crisps

1. Easter Lamb

Jamie Oliver

Along with ham, lamb has long been a traditional centerpiece of the Easter meal. This recipe combines a succulent leg of lamb with warm-weather vegetables like leeks, asparagus and zucchini. It’s important to rest the lamb after removing it from the oven, which allows the roast to finish cooking – lamb should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees – as well as relaxing the flesh to give your roast a buttery texture.  


Click here for Jamie’s Easter Lamb Recipe

2. Ginger Glazed Ham

Ham’s status as a customary Easter food in the U.S. dates back to a historical time when meat was slaughtered in the fall and cured for spring, as there was no refrigeration. The curing process was completed around Easter time, making ham a popular choice for the celebratory Easter feast. This recipe results in sweet, spicy and moist meat that will be just as appreciated on sandwiches the next day.

Click here for Nigella’s Ginger Glazed Ham Recipe

3. Glazed Shallots with Red Wine

Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner

In season from April through August, shallots are often thought of as the gourmet member of the onion family due to their mild flavor and delicate texture. This simple and savory side dish pairs beautifully with any meat course.

Click here for Victoria and Brigitte’s Glazed Shallots with Red Wine Recipe

4. Frisee Aux Lardons

Anthony Bourdain

This festive French bistro salad includes fresh frisee (or curly endive), rich Roquefort and a creamy chicken liver vinaigrette, served up as an impressive first course for an Easter luncheon.

Click here for Anthony’s Frisee Aux Lardons Recipe

5. Risotto Verde
SpinachRachel Allen

This verdant springtime dish is chock full of vegetables, its subtle flavor given depth by white wine and parmesan. Ideal as either a side or a vegetarian main course, this recipe could become a standby all summer long.

Click here for Rachel’s Risotto Verde Recipe 

6.  Scalloped Potatoes

Tina Davis

Also known as potatoes au gratin, classic scalloped potatoes pair perfectly with Easter ham. This easy recipe produces a creamy dish with a golden brown crust.

Click here for Tina’s Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

7. Deviled Eggs Remoulade

Eggs in carton

Tom Fitzmorris
Deviled eggs are often the answer to the question of what to do with colorfully dyed hard-boiled Easter eggs. They’re given an update in this recipe when paired with a Creole-style remoulade sauce, making for a dish that can double as a cold appetizer or a main-course salad.

Click here for Tom’s Deviled Eggs Remoulade Recipe

8Easter Coffee Cake (Kulich)

Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman

Similar to the Italian Christmas panettone, this Russian Easter bread mixes fruit, nuts and spices into a sweet yeast-risen dough that gets its shape by baking in a coffee can. It is often served with paskha, a sweetened cheese-based spread.

Click here for Anya and John’s Easter Coffee Cake (Kulich) Recipe

9. Carrot Cupcakes

Sara Neumeier
Sure to be a hit at brunch or as a special treat from the Easter bunny, these delightful cupcakes would be delectable topped with cream cheese or buttercream frosting, or simply served warm from the oven.

Click here for Sara’s Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

10.  Chocolate Crisps

 Lauren Groveman

To give an Easter basket or an egg hunt a truly special touch, try making these simple chocolate candies a few days beforehand. Little sous chefs can help by wrapping the confections in colorful foil. They’ll last for several weeks, but only if you make plenty of extras.

Click here for Lauren’s Chocolate Crisps Recipe

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