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The Cookstr 10: Lighten Up! Ten Recipes for Rejuvenation

June 2, 2011

After a long Memorial Day weekend full of picnics, barbecues and party foods, many of us might be looking for some healthy recipes to recover and rejuvenate from a few days of indulgence. Detoxing can be delicious with these ten recipes, all of which boast nutritional profiles that are lower in calories, fat, carbs, and sodium, but full of vitamins, minerals and flavor.

Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner's Mango and Lime Smoothie

As summer gets into full swing, now is a perfect opportunity to celebrate summer produce with lighter fare that leans on fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables and seafood prepared with plenty of herbs and spices.

Joey Altman's Fresh Basil Ratatouille

1. Mango and Lime Smoothie

Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner

Full of Vitamin C, this creamy low-cal smoothie is a fun and healthy way to start the day. Bananas and yogurt provide smooth and substantial texture, mangoes and orange juice give a fruity finish, and lime juice adds an extra kick.

Click here for Victoria and Brigitte’s Mango and Lime Smoothie Recipe

2. Get-Up-and-Go-Juice

Juicing is a great way to harness the nutritive benefits of various fruits and vegetables in a quick and tasty elixir. This colorful tonic combines carrots, cucumbers, apple, beet and ginger for a sweet and refreshing beverage – and the pulp can always be saved for carrot cake!


Click here for Steve and Elena’s Get-Up-and-Go-Juice Recipe

3. Gazpacho

 Christopher Idone

The signature cold soup of summer, gazpacho boasts health benefits as well as a refreshing tang. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidant-heavy lycopene, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals, while garlic has natural antibiotic effects.  

Click here for  Christopher’s Gazpacho Recipe

4. Tomato Fondue

Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney

Also making the most of nutritious summer tomatoes, this basic recipe stands well on its own as a side dish and can also be used as a versatile sauce, filling, topping or stew base


Click here for Darina and Rosemary’s Tomato Fondue Recipe

5.  Shrimp Vindaloo
White BeansJames Peterson

While Indian vindaloo traditionally includes pork or lamb, this shellfish variation is lighter fare and perfect for early summer. Smoked chiles and a special mixture of spices give this dish a richness that belies its calorie count.

Click here for James’ Shrimp Vindaloo Recipe

6. Fresh Basil Ratatouille

 Joey Altman

This easy vegetarian side or main course can be completed in under half an hour, making it ideal for no-stress summer entertaining but also worth making for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner.

Click here for Joey’s Fresh Basil Ratatouille Recipe

7. Tofu and Sweet Potato Curry

Nava Atlas

While sweet potatoes are often relegated to Autumn desserts, they shine here in a savory low-cal curry that’s loaded with protein from tofu and greens.


Click here for Nava’s Tofu and Sweet Potato Curry Recipe

8. Beach Lover’s Fish Pot

Lou Seibert Pappas

This minimalist preparation bathes shrimp, mussels and red snapper in a simple broth of white wine infused with cilantro. Perfect for dinner at the beach, this recipe is a low-fat alternative to seafood dishes that include butter or oil.

Click here for Lou’s Beach Lover’s Fish Pot Recipe

9. Orange Carpaccio

Peggy Knickerbocker

Detoxing doesn’t have to mean skipping dessert – fresh fruits can be deeply satisfying on their own, and unique preparations make them feel truly special. The cloves and cinnamon in this dessert of juicy sliced oranges in spiced sauce are suited to cold-weather menus, but excel as a sweet finish for summertime suppers as well.

Click here for Peggy’s Orange Carpaccio Recipe

10. Broken Jellied Wine with Summer Fruit

Deborah Madison

This summertime dessert recipe serves up ripe seasonal fruit like nectarines and raspberries with pretty shards of wine jelly for an elegant presentation.

Click here for Deborah’s Broken Jellied Wine with Summer Fruit Recipe

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  1. Cricket permalink
    June 4, 2011 2:39 pm

    Now that summer is here (and has been here in Texas for a month!) I tend to stick with salads. I’m curious to know if anyone here at Cookstr has had experience/success using pine nut oil?

    BTW, this household eats a lot of ratatouille all summer. Joey’s recipe looks excellent, too. I make it the southern French/Spanish way — a long braise till it’s practically a sauce and the not too careful use of hot pepper, Then cool and eat it cool to cold, depending on mood! Dip chunks of hot ciabatta bread in it and eat.

  2. Kristle Cerulli permalink
    March 21, 2013 9:32 pm

    A new Finnish study suggests that high blood levels of lycopene, unlike those of other antioxidants, may be associated with a significantly reduced risk of stroke. Vegetables, especially tomatoes, are a significant source of lycopene.”

    Our very own internet page

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