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The Cookstr 10: Pie in the Sky

June 9, 2011

This week we celebrate pie, that ubiquitous dish transcending cuisines and cultures. Pie initially served a need for nutritious meals whose convenience was compounded by the edible serving dish and transportation device – a crust! While today’s pies don’t have much in common with those small, portable packets of meat taken on long sea journeys, they are perfect for bringing to potlucks and picnics during these warm months. Although obviously welcome year-round, in eternal images of pies cooling on sunny windowsills and carried to neighbors’ backyard barbecues, it is perpetually summertime. And on days when it’s too hot to turn on the oven, there are plenty of fridge and freezer pies to help you cool off.


Jasper White's Whoopie Pies

From chilled confections filled with creamy custard and flaky crusts oozing with berries and apples, to savory meals consisting of seasonal vegetables, eggs and cheeses, here are ten pie recipes for a summer’s worth of delectable desserts and hearty main dishes to make, bring, share and enjoy. 

Julie Hasson's White Chocolate Key Lime Pie

1. Blueberry Pie

Michelle Wojtowicz, Philip Wojtowicz and Michael Gilson

Introduced by early settlers, this quintessentially American dessert is made here with a flaky lard pie crust and huckleberries for added tartness.

Click here for Michelle, Philip and Michael’s Blueberry Pie Recipe

2.  Frozen Grasshopper Pie

Dating back to the 1960’s, this frozen dessert is traditionally made with an Oreo crust and a filling of melted marshmallows, whipping cream and creme de menthe. This scrumptious vegan update gets its green hue from pureed avocado, whose creamy texture works surprisingly well in desserts.


Click here for Hannah’s Frozen Grasshopper Pie Recipe

3. Kale or Chard Pie

Mark Bittman

This main course savory pie with a no-roll biscuit-like crust is ideal for early summer. Kale and chard are both high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.

Click here for  Mark’s Kale or Chard Pie Recipe

4. Whoopie Pies

Jasper White

While not a traditional pie, these cake-like cookie sandwiches do include a marshmallowy buttercream filling. Food historians say that Amish women included these baked goods, made from cake batter leftovers, in farmers’ lunchboxes: upon unwrapping them, the farmers yelled “Whoopie!” After one bite of these chocolatey treats, you’ll know why.

Click here for Jasper’s Whoopie Pies Recipe

5. Banana Cream Pie
White BeansPichet Ong

The most important part of cream pies is the pastry custard, a cooked mixture of egg yolks, milk, sugar and a thickener such as cornstarch. This recipe uses a delicately flavored ginger pastry cream along with fresh bananas and melted milk chocolate.

Click here for Pichet’s Banana Cream Pie Recipe

6. Fresh Tomato Pie

Anne Byrn

A fitting dish to bring to potlucks and barbecues all summer long, this main dish pie combines seasonal tomatoes with scallions, basil, mozzarella, cheddar and bacon, drawing inspiration from both Caprese salad and a classic BLT.

Click here for Anne’s Fresh Tomato Pie Recipe

7. Simplest Apple Pie

 Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford

Ideally, fruit pies are about letting good-quality, seasonal fruits shine in their intrinsic simple sweetness, deepened by the baking process and set off by flaky, buttery pastry. This pie does just that, filling the rich no-roll sour cream crust with a mountain of grated McIntosh apples that melt as the pie bakes.


Click here for Naomi and Jeffrey’s Simplest Apple Pie Recipe

8.  White Chocolate Key Lime Pie

 Julie Hasson

While key lime pie recipes vary – this one adds creamy melted white chocolate – the rule of thumb is that food coloring should never be used: the natural color of key lime pie is a pale yellow.

Click here for Julie’s White Chocolate Key Lime Pie Recipe

9. Squash Cheese Pie

 Jennifer Felicia Abadi

This savory crustless pie of Syrian origin, also known is kusa b’jibin, is akin to a quiche or frittata. It combines summer squash with eggs and two cheeses for a satisfying appetizer or lunch dish.

Click here for Jennifer’s Squash Cheese Pie Recipe

10.  Mississippi Mud Pie (A), AKA Coffee Ice Cream Tart

 Matt Lewis

Mississippi mud refers to a chocolate pie native to the American South, and this frozen version is perfect for summertime. A crust made of crushed chocolate wafer cookies is filled with chocolate fudge and coffee ice cream, then topped with a final drizzling of bourbon fudge.

Click here for Matt’s Mississippi Mud Pie (A), AKA Coffee Ice Cream Tart Recipe

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  1. July 9, 2011 12:44 am

    Ooh so pretty! I have been wanting to make something like this since I just bought a tart pan. Perfect timing!

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    Of course, what a splendid site and illuminating posts, I surely will bookmark your
    site.Best Regards!

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