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The Cookstr Weekly: Turn Up the Heat

February 8, 2012

 Welcome to The Cookstr cookstr logoWeekly!

This newsletter is filled with a variety of editorial features and links to Cookstr’s expert recipes by chefs and cookbook authors. You can access an archive of Cookstr newsletters here, and check out more featured recipes on our homepage.

As always, Cookstr recipes are tested, trusted, and handpicked by Cookstr’s editors from published cookbooks to help you on your culinary journey. To get you started, here are a selection of recipes on Cookstr by the chefs and cookbooks authors that made them famous.

Cook in good company.


In these post-holiday months, the urge to hibernate grows ever-stronger. Hot and spicy foods can jolt you out of the mid-winter blues, making for meals with a spicy depth that warms you to your core. This recipe for Boiled Beef Slices in a Fiery Sauce calls on dried chiles and Sichuan pepper for a dinner that might make you break a sweat. But look out – this dish isn’t for the faint of heart! As Fuchsia Dunlop tells us in the headnote to this recipe, “Sichuanese people joke that outsiders, wary of the fiery local flavors, order this dish in restaurants in the hope of eating something mild and soothing – its name in Chinese just means ‘beef boiled in water’.” See our list below for recipes that run the gamut from just a hint of heat to truly sizzling.

 More Hot & Spicy Recipes from Cookstr


“It is heartening to know that you can be in a permanent hurry and not spend more than a few minutes at any time anywhere, let alone just in the kitchen – and still make a beautiful loaf of bread.”
– Nigella Lawson

This easy bread recipe allows low heat and yeast to do all the work for you, rather than lengthy rounds of kneading and rising. Whole-wheat flour, muesli and milk combine to give this Lazy Loaf a dense, nutty texture, ideal toasted for breakfast or with butter and jam for a mid-afternoon snack. Your kitchen filling with the smell of fresh-baked bread is simply an added bonus.

Although we don’t think of February as a time for fresh and colorful produce, Meyer lemons are quite common in grocery stores from December through early spring. Sweeter and juicier than your average lemon, with an edible and delicate rind, these tart citrus fruits fall somewhere between conventional lemons and tangerines. Meyer lemons shine in tart desserts and salads, and can be preserved by pickling or candying. Try them in Kate Zuckerman’s Meyer Lemon Curd Tart, where they bring a bright sweetness and the promise of Spring to the darkest days of the year.

To help get you through these cold winter months, has compiled a special collection of exclusive recipes, each channeling the season’s rich, comforting flavors. These 26 dishes from top chefs around the country run the gamut from starter to side dish to sweet, with a few choice cocktails mixed in too. Every recipe is designed for easy weeknight cooking and carefully tested so you can be sure that the results are as delicious in practice as they sound in print. Download Tasting Table Chefs’ Recipes: 2012 Winter Collection and enjoy recipes like pepperoni soup, spiced Hubbard squash bisque, sweet onion mac and cheese, porchetta, and hot chocolate cake. Plus, you’ll find a hand picked selection of recipes from great new cookbooks.

Click here to download the collection for free in the iBookstore now!

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