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The Cookstr Weekly: Springtime Holiday Feasts

April 11, 2012

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Matzoh is the centerpiece of Passover dishes from matzoh brei to matzoh ball soup, and it’s worth the effort to try making the traditional unleavened bread from scratch. Matzoh by Greg Patent makes several variations on the traditional unleavened flatbread that are more flavorful than the store-bought, boxed kind, especially topped with chopped liver or schmaltz. Matzoh ball soup introduces the age-old question of consistency: sinkers or floaters? Light as a feather, practically disintegrating into the surrounding moat of chicken broth, or substantial and al dente, providing a chewy, solid density? Explore the range of matzoh ball recipes on Cookstr, as well as more recipes for Pesach, below.

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Easter is also known as the “moveable feast”. The name refers to the fact that Easter’s date isn’t fixed in relation to the calendar, but it also conjures up the multitude of traditional foods made for the holiday that marks the end of Lent. The “Sunday roast” that most religiously observant families partake in after Sunday Mass or services in the mornings consists of lamb or ham, and the Easter roast tradition extends to many secular families as well.
Easter is a fine time to celebrate with seasonal vegetables like asparagus and artichokes, as well as recipes that borrow from Greek, Italian and Spanish Easter traditions.
Don’t forget desserts – fruity or citrus-based cakes and cookies are good choices to top off your moveable feast. Try Jammin’ Sugar Cookie Thumbprints by Abby Dodge. These fun little cookies are great for kids to help make, and are reminiscent of Easter eggs with their round shape and vivid color.

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