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The Cookstr Weekly: Father’s Day Recipes & Fresh Pasta from Scratch

June 15, 2012

Father’s Day falls when we’re just in the swing of grilling season, and getting together for skewered meat and juicy bone-in chicken with all the fixings is a time-honored way to let Dad know you care. Not to mention, a big plate of short ribs might go over better than a new tie or shaving kit. These Mojo Beef Kabobs are a perfect pick for the grill, tangy with their citrusy sauce and served with skewered grilled tomatoes that burst with seasonal flavor. And they’re mess-free for outdoor eating.
But there’s no need to wait until dinner to celebrate! You’ll delight Dad’s inner child with breakfast classics like french toast and corned beef hash, old favorites like pasta Alfredo, and plenty of pie and ice cream

More Father’s Day Recipes from Cookstr:

Chefs’ Tips & Tricks: Fresh Pasta Made the Old-Fashioned Way

“If you’ve made pasta before, you already know how much fun the process is. However, if you’ve always used a hand-cranked pasta maker, I hope you’ll try this completely hand-driven method. I learned to make pasta this way in Italy, using a three-foot rolling pin. If you don’t have a pin this long or a wooden table or countertop that’s large enough to roll the dough out in halves, then simply use a shorter pin (a minimum of 20 inches long) and a slightly smaller board, and divide the dough into quarters. After rolling the dough out, to determine if it’s thin enough, slide your hand underneath it at random spots. If the outline of your hand seems pretty clear, you’re there. If the dough feels a little too thick in one spot, use the pin to roll over that area only. Keep the dough floured at all times to prevent it from sticking to the pin, or to itself, when applying pressure after each new revolution. If you are new at this, I suggest that you make pasta on a dry day, since this will help the dough to be more obedient, texture-wise. 

“Since meringue by definition is so sweet, I like to pair it with a tangy whipped creme fraiche. The berries can be any combination that you like – I use strawberries, blueberries, and two colors of raspberries. The addition of golden raspberries raises the elegance factor. This dessert is a big, impressive affair, but with a casual look. It is comprised of two meringue disks piped with a star tip, which gives texture in look and feel. Two additional rings of meringue are also piped out and used to build up the top of the “cake,” which is then filled with the cream and fruit. The vacherin improves in texture upon refrigeration for a few hours, as the crispy, chewy meringue, soft cream, and juicy fruit meld together to produce more than a sum of its parts. At this point, or upon serving, the meringue might crack, lending a rustic look that I think it is part of its charm. Think “shabby chic”.” – Dede Wilson, Summer Berry Vacherin with Creme Fraiche

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