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The Cookstr Weekly: Red, White & Blue

July 3, 2012


While the Fourth of July comes with expectations about the all-American menu we’re used to, there are plenty of places to innovate. Usher in new classics like tuna, veggie, and turkey burgers, or creative marinades for grilled and barbecued meats. Desserts should be fresh and fruity, and appropriately color-themed (with in-season blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, that’s no hardship) and no one will complain about a pitcher of homemade lemonade. Explore unusual flavor combinations for potato and pasta salads. Independence Day is an ideal opportunity to create your own traditions. Try George Geary’s Hot and Spicy BBQ Rub for Ribs or Chicken, a Memphis-style spice mix recipe with a firework-worthy taste that’s both familiar and new.

More Fourth of July Recipes from Cookstr:


“From the Mexican perspective, both buttery avocado and tropical mango derive beautiful benefits from chile, salt and lime, all three of which form a foundation for this salad’s dressing, along with sautéed garlic’s savory aroma and honey’s mellowness. Add the crunch of toasted pumpkin seeds, the tenderness of Boston lettuce and the savory saltiness of crisp bacon and fresh Mexican cheese, and you have a compelling dish. It’s the least substantial of my main-course salads – perfect for hot-weather appetites. Also, feel free to scale down the size of the portions so you can use the delicia as the first course for a special dinner.” – Rick Bayless

“This savory sauce not only makes a perfect baste to slather on grilled shrimp, chicken, fish, and beef during cooking, but also can be served at the table to flavor cooked rice. If you have kids, you might as well double this concoction, since it’s destined to get lots of action. Its fine if you don’t use the sauce constantly, since it keeps really well in the fridge for up to six months. Please don’t be put off by the number of ingredients, since they’re all available in well-stocked supermarkets and Asian grocery stores.” – Lauren Groveman
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