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The Cookstr Weekly: Peanuts, Cracker Jack & More Summertime Snacks

July 26, 2012

Summertime lends plenty of opportunities for light meals and quick bites between activities, so it’s useful to have an arsenal of healthy snacks on hand. Although the ice cream truck and bags of chips that proliferate most everywhere we go are tempting, they’ll pale in comparison to some of these homemade treats. Whether savory, like freshly baked chips and crackers with delicious dips, or sweet, like juice pops frozen in your freezer, a little extra prep for snack time (or time spent on finger food to serve with summertime mojitos and sangria) can go a long way towards making the season memorable. Try making s’mores with Kim Boyce’s Grahams – you could even make your own marshmallows, too!

More Snack Recipes from Cookstr:



Zaarly Anywhere: Now on Cookstr!

What is Zaarly? 
Zaarly is a marketplace that enables people to ask for anything from other people nearby. Buyers decide what they want and the price they want to pay and someone from the community makes it happen.
What is Zaarly Anywhere?
Zaarly Anywhere makes it possible for you to bring recipes from Cookstr directly to you through talented individuals in the local community.
Why is this awesome?
You engage with Cookstr looking for inspiring ideas. Now, add talented people nearby to create action — that’s Zaarly Anywhere. Zaarly Anywhere turns great online ideas into reality.
How does Zaarly Anywhere work?
1. Browse recipes on Cookstr.
2. Click on the Zaarly button. It will appear as the mouse icon moves over the recipe image and among a page’s social media buttons.
3. A screen will appear to create a listing on the Zaarly marketplace. Edit the listing’s Title or Description, the Price or the Location.
4. Make the request and create a Zaarly account.
5. Within hours, offers will begin to appear from people nearby. Chat to work out the details.
6. Choose the best offer and pay through Zaarly when the deal is complete.
Why should I use Zaarly Anywhere?
Zaarly allows you to request goods and services delivered to your specification. Request that a supplier “make something for me,” “help me make it myself” or “find me a local resource.”
Who are Zaarly suppliers?
Zaarly suppliers are personal chefs, caterers, and cooking experts in the community. Your Zaarly listing is a direct investment in the local community.
How do I know the quality of a supplier?
All Zaarly users have profiles that contain the user’s biographical, employment and educational information, a picture and reviews. Choose the best supplier, and enjoy your Cookstr recipe!  
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