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The Cookstr Weekly: Road Trip! Summer Fare from Coast to Coast

July 26, 2012

From Boston cream pie to Louisiana gumbo, regional pride shines when it comes to celebrating local American specialties. In the spirit of summer road trips, we’re presenting ten recipes that will take you from coast to coast of the country, without ever leaving your kitchen. Whip up a East Coast seafood supper with chowder, Baltimore crabs and Maine lobster; or plan a Tex-Mex fiesta with Southwestern flavor. While “true” local recipes are always a point of passionate contention, you’ll have fun arguing over the “correct” form of brisket or cheesecake. Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner’s New England Clam Chowder includes the milk, cream, onions, potatoes, bacon and littleneck clams that the dish is known for. Whether to serve with oyster crackers is up to you.

More Regional Recipes from Cookstr:

In Season: Corn

We’re all familiar with the summertime sight of piles of fresh corn at the farmers’ market or grocery store, ready to be shucked, the strings of corn silk removed, then crunched on raw or boiled to slather in butter or grilled to sweet blackened perfection. But once you’ve had your fill of corn on the cob, try a recipe like Jane Butel’s Spinach and Corn Rolled Enchiladas. Fresh corn is grilled Mexican-style, then blended with milk and garlic for a healthy and protein-filled entree. Spinach, onion, and Monterey Jack round out the dish. Enjoy sweet corn baked into bread, cooked on the grill, or folded into enchiladas, tacos and chilis to take full advantage of this seasonal treat.

“Protein-rich quinoa is an ancient grain that is gaining popularity, especially with vegetarians and people on gluten-free diets. If it’s not rinsed well before cooking, quinoa can taste bitter (rinsing removes a natural, bitter coating called saponin, which protects the plant from birds, who hate the taste). There was a time when The Meal Makeover Moms hated the taste too (talk about “picky”)! Thanks to a note we posted on our Facebook page asking for favorite quinoa recipes and preparation tips (like the importance of rinsing quinoa really well), our quinoa karma has improved considerably. Drawing from our fans’ ideas, we created this delicious recipe, packed with bright colors, crunchy textures, and sweet flavors.” – Liz Weiss and Janice Newell Bissex, No Whine with Dinner
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