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The Cookstr Weekly: Ten Degrees of Bacon

October 11, 2012

Let’s face it: bacon’s been belittled. Beaten down. Kept from living up to its true porky potential. We’ve piled it on cheeseburgers, tucked it into tacos, even used it as a sundae topping. But bacon is meant for true greatness, as exemplified by these ten inventive recipes. This Smashed White Bean, Avocado and Bacon Panini keeps bacon dignified, paired with raw red onion and cucumber on ciabatta.

Let bacon spread its wings as more than a breakfast side, pairing perfectly with chicken, seafood, and
salads. You’ll be surprised – bacon still has a few tricks to reveal.

More Bacon Recipes from Cookstr:

“I worked and reworked my chili recipe, so it tastes like what I had in mind. When it comes to making this satisfying dish, there are a couple of things to remember. Give the chili time and cook it low and slow throughout the day, allowing the aromas to fill your house. Even better, make it the day before and reheat it. Make plenty of chili and freeze it. Use a variety of meats, such as ground turkey or some pork cubes, all in the same batch for layers of flavor and different textures. Serve this on a cold winter’s day, after skiing or playing touch football. It’s great after watching the Super Bowl or the Final Four, or for no reason at all, other than that you just love it.” – David Venable 

“Brittany is a region in the northwest corner of France with chilly sea weather, so potatoes and other hearty foods are extremely popular there. The local potatoes are buttery yellow, but any potato will do for this recipe; even sweet potatoes would be excellent. This dish, galette de pommes de terre, not only looks especially pretty but also is a good way to use up leftover potatoes. It is simple to make, and the potato mixture can be prepared ahead of time. Serve this light golden brown cake with an artichoke or steamed vegetables and mustard.” 

– Sharon Crayton

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