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The Cookstr Weekly: Comforting Foods

November 8, 2012
November 1, 2012
Growing up in a part of South Jersey that was still fairly rural, I remember some of the blizzards that paralyzed infrastructure across the northeast and had my parents trudging up and down our half-a-mile-long driveway to get to the grocery store. Safe and warm inside, what I really remember was the food they brought back — things we didn’t eat under normal circumstances, like cans of sweet baked beans and frozen hot dogs and, perplexingly in the forefront of my memory, boxes of fish sticks. The snow eventually melted, but for years afterward I would request fish sticks with tartar sauce as an afterschool snack, invariably referring to them as “blizzard food.”
As we recover from the aftermath of a terrible storm and its waves of destruction, my thoughts are with all the people who have lost so much. But amidst all the sad news, I’m heartened to see many reports come in from luckier friends and family across the Northeast: of crises averted, generous neighbors, power restored, and, most of all, what they cooked during the worst of it. While comfort food brings nourishment to those who are fed, it also matters so deeply to those of us who do the cooking. Trying to get through the most perishable contents of the refrigerator, we create a semblance of home in dire circumstances. This is what makes cooking so vital. Thank you for doing it.
Warmest regards,
Kara Rota
Editorial Director
Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs
in Spicy Tomato Sauce
By Ellie Krieger 

“Comfort food” means many things to many people: cultural, generational, and regional factors play a huge role in what exactly prompts that spot-hitting sigh of relief. From macaroni and cheese or chicken soup with rice, to spaghetti bolognese and cardamon-laden rice pudding, we’re grateful for these foods that make everything a little bit better, if even for the space of one meal. Ellie Krieger’s Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce is one such recipe, combinging nutty, wholesome spaghetti with fresh herbed sauce and plump, moist meatballs that are gratifying and comforting to cook and to eat. 

More Comfort Food Recipes from Cookstr

Chefs’ Tips & Tricks:
Chocolate and Walnut Torte from Capri
by Gina DePalma

“I’ve sampled many versions of this cake, a specialty of the island of Capri, off the Amalfi Coast of Campania. Some contain almonds along with or instead of walnuts, but since walnuts are my favorite, the choice is easy for me. Brown sugar is an unusual addition here, since it is not an ingredient found or used in Italy, but I am willing to depart from tradition because it deepens the flavor of the chocolate. This flourless torte is moist and fudgy and tastes even better the next day. I love to adorn a wedge of Torta Caprese with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream and a drizzle of vincotto.”
– Gina DePalma
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