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The Cookstr Weekly: Hearty Salads for Winter

January 24, 2013
Casseroles, stews and chilis certainly carry us through the winter, but a hint of green in your meal is a welcome reminder of the months to come – not to mention the spring in your step that comes from a hearty salad for lunch. I find it easiest always to have on hand a few favorite winter salad ingredients (for me, that means romaine hearts, Gorgonzola, figs, and red onion), and then layer on from there. Grains, legumes and animal proteins from hard-boiled eggs to smoked fish help to make salads filling.
But don’t stop there! Recently, our CEO Art constructed a dinner party salad of pea shoots, apple matchsticks, blue cheese, and spicy scallop ceviche, with raw scallops marinated in a homemade hot sauce that began with blistering serrano and habanero peppers on the stove. Far from a side dish, it may have been the most memorable part of the meal. 

Warmest regards,

Kara Rota
Editorial Director

By Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigitte Hafner 



Smoked fish without a bagel? This satisfying dish, ideal for brunch or lunch, combines the salty and umami characteristics of smoked trout, pancetta and feta cheese with bitter greens and tangy lemon. The end result is as filling as it is refreshing. And don’t forget that textural balance in a main course salad can be just as important as flavor! The endive and radish provide a needed crunch in this recipe. Try using peppered smoked mackerel for a variation on the same theme.




More Winter Salad Recipes from Cookstr

“Plancha is a Spanish word that literally means “plate.” It usually refers to both the device and the mode of cooking: a flat metal sheet heated by a gas burner. This method of cooking is traditionally Spanish and forms part of that country’s daily habits and culinary practices. Spaniards like to frequent bars and love to go out for a paseo, or short stroll, in the city along busy streets and squares; with relatives and friends of all ages. The natural rhythm of these walks includes stops at tapas bars. Most bars have a plancha and offer small portions of prawns in garlic, mussels, fresh anchovies, pulpitos (cuttlefish) chistorra (a type of chorizo), or pan con tomate. (bread rubbed with garlic and tomato sauce, heated on the plancha and served with a slice of ham). The plancha, usually visible from the bar, allows for the quick and efficient cooking of a great variety of foods….Since plancha cooking is often fast, have all ingredients and utensils handy, and prepare the side dishes ahead of time. Guests must be ready to eat.” – Liliane Otal


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