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The Cookstr Weekly: Remembering Peter Workman

April 22, 2013

I learned that Peter Workman had died while I was at the International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference in San Francisco, surrounded by cookbook authors, publishers, editors, and agents, who were all devastated to learn about the loss of this beloved publisher and friend. We at Cookstr are especially aware of the indelible contributions Peter made to the worlds of food, publishing, the places those intersect, and far beyond – his daughter Katie is Cookstr’s founding editor-in-chief, and we interact with the incredible library of Workman-published recipe content every day in Cookstr’s recipe library. 

But hearing so many passionate tributes and personal memories at IACP and back here in New York demonstrated time and again just how much Peter was loved and how great an effect his work has had on so many. From the legendary authors he worked with, to his publishing colleagues, to the readers who devoured the books he brought into the world, his legacy is immense. Peter Workman changed the world of cookbooks for all of us, and in doing so, he changed our lives. 

Will Schwalbe, Art Chang, and the entire Cookstr team join me in mourning this loss and in celebrating Peter Workman’s extraordinary accomplishments and life.
Warmest regards,


Kara Rota
Editorial Director




“We all made him food.  Sometimes he wanted to eat it, sometimes he didn’t. Sometimes he would take a bite, sometimes he would eat a real meal, sometimes he would just smile and shrug.


“The night before Christmas he was back in the hospital and I told him I would bring dinner the next night, and asked him what he wanted.  He didn’t know. I suggested chicken soup, noodle pudding – unchallenging, gentle foods. “How about prime rib?” suggested a visiting friend. “Oh, yes, and Yorkshire pudding!” he said. And the next night he ate it, our family sitting in a shitty windowless conference/supply room with hideously bright fluorescent lights and the occasional nurse popping into the room for a fresh bandage or catheter.


“Towards the end when he wasn’t eating much at all, I cut a paper thin sliver of pear and handed it to him. He ate it very slowly. His nurse and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows, a silent tiny triumph. I handed him another transparent slice. Then another. One hour later, the pear was eaten.  It was the most beautiful core of fruit I have ever seen.”


Read Katie’s post about her dad in its entirety here.

  Ten Classic Workman Recipes on Cookstr


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