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The Cookstr Weekly: Cooking Indian at Home

September 12, 2013

I grew up with vegetarian Indian meals like aloo gobi and rajma in regular weeknight dinner rotation, probably influenced by the fact that my mom worked as a vegetarian and macrobiotic cook in the 1970s. Indian cuisine lends itself to vegetarianism, and vegetables are never relegated to ‘side’ dishes. But dishes like chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken are certainly an integral part of the Western interpretation of Indian food; in fact, tikka masala is considered a British national dish.

The dishes included here range in their authenticity, but all are inspired interpretations that recreate or improve upon common restaurant meals. With fresh spices, dried legumes and a few hours, it’s easy to make Indian dishes part of your weekly repertoire.

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Kara Rota
Editorial Director

  by Molly Stevens


Tandoori chicken is one of those mystical dishes that it’s hard to imagine making in your own kitchen. In Indian restaurants, the chicken is cooked in a tandoor, a large clay oven heated by hot coals. The clay lends a particular earthy quality to the chicken, but a version of the dish made in your oven at home will be a satisfyingly close cousin. The enzymes in yogurt tenderize the meat and play off of the cayenne and ginger. Using drumsticks and thighs ensures that the chicken stays moist enough to really hold up to the high heat.

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  1. October 15, 2013 8:16 am

    Thanks for the recipe. It seems to be best cooked only with a clay oven. Good post.

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