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The Cookstr Weekly: Sauces, Dressings, & Other Condiments

May 2, 2014
It’s spring cleaning time, and we would be remiss to skip the joy of scouring the very back of the fridge for all of those jars of sriracha mayonnaise, bacon jam, and other date-expired relics that have been lying in wait. Toss ’em, and whip up these ten fresh sauces, dressings, and other condiments to serve this spring and summer.
When you want a quick dinner, an excellent homemade condiment can be the difference between boring and memorable when added to grilled meat or baked fish. At least once every two weeks, I salvage a weeknight with the incredibly simple combination of miso and honey, paired with salmon filets that cook in less than fifteen minutes. Discover the sauces and dressings that will become your signatures, and always keep the ingredients for them in your pantry.
Warmest regards,

Kara Rota
Editorial Director


  by Rick Bayless

 I’ve been smitten with chipotle salsa ever since the first time I tasted it on a crusty sandwich (cemita) in a Pueblan market stall thirty years ago. It’s three simple ingredients in perfect balance: the smoky spice of chipotle chilies, the lively sweet-edged tang of roasted tomatillo and the alluring complexity of roasted garlic. I like chipotle salsa spooned on practically everything except ice cream, though I’m particularly fond of it with grilled fish or chicken or beef or…here I go again.” — Rick Bayless

More Sauce & Dressing Recipes from Cookstr

Raw Red Sauce by Maria Dolores Beatriz
Provençal Mustard by Debra Ponzek
  by Julie Sullivan

“Fresh vegetables are even easier to find now due to farmers’ markets, CSA farms, and the grocery store shift to buying local produce. Home kitchens do not need to be filled with high-priced cookware and gimmicky gadgets, but some recipes are only as good as the equipment with which they are prepared. To get the most out of produce like asparagus, purchase a double boiler-like steamer set with a top section that has holes in the base and fits snugly into the bottom. The distance between the boiling water and the bottom of the insert allows the pot to work up a good head of steam to send on up to the vegetables.”    

– Julie Sullivan


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