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The Cookstr Weekly: Ten Cheesy Recipes for Summer

July 1, 2014
June 19, 2014

You might think of cheese as an ingredient best suited to cold-weather comfort foods. But you’d be missing out! Aside from the obvious pairings of mozzarella and tomatoes or watermelon and feta, a variety of cheeses make their way into dishes that are perfect for summer.
Tangy goat cheeses, creamy ricotta and mascarpone, salty cotija, and meltable queso fresco are great counterpoints to the fresh fruits and flavorful vegetables in season this time of year. Explore your own pairings and let us know what you discover!
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Kara Rota
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  by Stephanie Stiavetti and Garrett McCord

 What could be nicer than a blushing peach? The sun-kissed color, the ticklish feel of the fuzz, the sweet-as-sugarcane flavor. This simple orzo salad lets these traits shine-and without the nuisance of peach juice dribbling down your arm. Summer in a bowl, this is.

“If there is any cheese that pairs best with a peach, it’s Humboldt Fog. This humble yet multi-award-winning specimen was the herald for American-made artisan cheeses and shows up on nearly every cheese plate in the country, with good reason. Crafted by Cypress Grove in Humboldt County, California, this superlative goat cheese possesses plenty of flavor. Beneath this cheese’s bloomy rind lies an intoxicating paste that guards its savory core: a line of decorative vegetable ash running through the middle, giving Humboldt Fog its distinct layer-cake appearance.

– Stephanie Stiavetti and Garrett McCord

More Cheesy Recipes from Cookstr

Risotto Sotto Bosco by Jody Williams


Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Stuffed Baguette by Lionel Vatinet


 This recipe takes a plain focaccia dough and adds a light but very savory topping. In Italy, focaccia is frequently “dimpled” or poked with the baker’s fingertips before baking to create little indentations to absorb extra-virgin olive oil and herbs. This is the La Farm Bakery version. It is an excellent dipping bread and also makes a great accompaniment to soups and salads. Filled with vine-ripened tomatoes, slices of hand-rolled mozzarella, fresh basil, and an aged balsamic reduction, it makes the perfect summer sandwich. 

– Lionel Vatinet

 Even though it’s great looking, the potato crust isn’t there just for aesthetics-it envelops the fish, keeping all of its juice and flavor intact. Needless to say, the browned, crispy potatoes are pretty delectable too. If you are averse to cooking a whole fish, feel free to wrap fillets of sea bass with the potatoes and cook as instructed below. 

– Jody Williams


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