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The Cookstr Weekly: Egg Hunt

April 7, 2015

I have fond memories of Easter egg dyeing, followed by less fond memories of days of leftover hardboiled eggs in purple, pink, and green shells, showing up relentlessly in my lunchbox until the stock was finally depleted. So while I still associate those candy colors with early spring, I’d rather celebrate the iconic ingredient in a variety of dishes perfect for the season. 

Try those Easter eggs in dishes like pizza and salads, from breakfast to dinner, and in meals with global influences and flavors.

Warmest regards,

Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Lauren Groveman
This dish is unusually quick and easy, especially considering how elegant and absolutely wonderful it is. Since the mushrooms are seasoned in advance, all you need to do is heat a dry pan and sear away. Usually, I don’t cook mushrooms in a nonstick skillet, since that can keep them from caramelizing. I do here, however, since the mushroom liquid that’s released is used to flavor the scrambled eggs.
– Lauren Groveman

More Egg Recipes from Cookstr

by Anupy Singla

“I learned how to make this curry during a stay at Ayisha Manzil Homestay in Thalassery (Tellicherry), Kerala. Our hostess, Mrs. Moosa, used turmeric powder to marinate the shrimp and freshly roasted and ground coriander to round out the flavors in this uniquely spiced curry. For a fun twist, serve your guests a small plate of this recipe-1 cooked shrimp nestled in 1 tablespoon of curry.

-Anupy Singla

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