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The Cookstr Weekly: Mediterranean Meals for Spring

April 7, 2015

The Mediterranean diet gets well-earned recognition for its health benefits, but we like the focus on legumes, vegetables, olive oil, and fish because they’re some of our favorite ingredients – and just plain tasty. Drawing inspiration from the food of Southern Italy, Greece, and Spain, among others, these Mediterranean dishes are perfect for ushering in Spring.


Warmest regards,


Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Matt Wilkinson
“This recipe is so adaptable; for many reasons. It is so delicious and, although it is quite rich, it is one of my favorite dishes to eat in any weather or season. For the spuds, you can use any good waxy small potato that likes to be braised. You can also take out the sea bass and tomatoes or replace it with another fish, but it has to be a meaty one – you know the types: ones that will not dry out easily when braised, such as cod. Eat simply with some couscous or even a little polenta.”

by Jason Wyrick


 These tacos are easy to make and highly addictive. A fresh tortilla coupled with creamy avocado gives a very warm, satisfying feeling. Without the toppings, these tacos are delicious, but with them they become lively with lots of heat and zing! When you are traveling, guacamole tacos are a fairly safe bet to be vegan at a taquería.”  -Jason Wyrick

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