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The Cookstr Weekly: Asparagus and Artichokes

April 28, 2015

As spring swings into bloom, we’re celebrating the early weeks of asparagus and artichokes, those harbingers of warm weather and long al fresco dinners. They buddy up nicely in salads and pastas, or venture forth on their own in fresh side dishes and meaty mains.

Both vegetables do well treated gently and hate overcooking – half of the pleasure is in the texture of asparagus’ tender stalks and artichokes’ leaves. Shoot us an email or find us on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know your favorite way to cook with artichokes and asparagus this spring!

Warmest regards,


Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Green City Market

“This is a simple and flavorful salad I love to make in the spring, when many Green City Market farmers have great-tasting asparagus. I love to shop for seasonal vegetables when cooking at home as well as for the restaurant at The Art Institute of Chicago, which allows me to purchase most of our ingredients from the Market. Our philosophy of ‘local and seasonal’ aligns with the Market’s mission perfectly.” 

-Megan Neubeck, executive chef, Terzo Piano

More Asparagus and Artichoke Recipes from Cookstr

by Silvana Nardone
My kids are always happy to eat salmon. This recipe is a riff on a dish that we order at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. The sesame seeds coat the surface of the fish, adding a nice nutty crunch.
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