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The Cookstr Weekly: Earth Day

April 28, 2015

My mom worked at a macrobiotic restaurant, so I grew up with a plethora of wheatgrass juice, tofu, carob, and flaxseed as daily treats. You could say I’ve got a soft spot for granola. For Earth Day, here’s a selection of down-to-earth foods for after you’ve worked up an appetite gardening and feeding the birds!

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Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Anupy Singla

“It’s become trendy on various food blogs to prep a whole cauliflower with Indian spices and then bake it, but I find that this process actually dries it out. I’d rather cut the cauliflower into florets first and then bake it for a new twist to this very versatile veggie. This dish is great as an appetizer and/or part of a meal.”

More Earth Day Recipes from Cookstr

by Brooks Headley
Once we made a batch of these cookies for a family meal and they were scarfed by the staff with the vigor of a pack of violent mountain lions chomping on a lost hiker in Big Sur. It was animalistic, raw, hilarious. And it was all about the salt. Kosher salt in this case. It feels good between your fingertips-granular, exfoliating. Chocolate’s best friend.”
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