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The Cookstr Weekly: A Memorial Day Picnic

June 4, 2015

Memorial Day ushers in the first long weekend of summer, with its never-ending wish list of to-dos for the season: trips to take, parties to host, sights to see. Of course, despite the longer days, I know it’s unlikely I’ll get to even half of the day trips and events I’m dreaming of this summer.

But today, I’m filled with optimism, and Memorial Day weekend is the perfect reason to put together an easy picnic to kick off months of barbecues, parks, and long days of sunshine. Make protein dishes best served cold or at room temperature, hardy salads that won’t wilt in transit, and portable desserts that will leave guests satisfied.

Warmest regards,

Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by David Venable
I love having friends over and serving them this tangy chicken outside on the picnic table. The vinegary, smoky sauce is a little messy by design, but when eating any kind of barbecue, I always say if you don’t get the sauce all over your face, you’re doing it wrong! Making barbecued chicken is tricky; if just grilled it can often become burned on the outside, pink on the inside. My solution is to start the chicken in the oven so it cooks through and then finish it on the grill for a nice char.” 

 David Venable

More Memorial Day Recipes from Cookstr
by Bea Tollman

by Leslie Bilderback

I have been obsessed with the Moon Pie ever since I was handed an assortment at a food show several years ago. In my eyes, they are the quintessential American flavor, because they taste like childhood, and therefore hope. The combination is strikingly similar to the S’more, which makes sense, because they are both wonderful. – Leslie Bilderback

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