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The Cookstr Weekly: Strawberry Season

June 4, 2015
 Featured Recipe: Strawberry Ice Cream 
by Leslie Bilderback


Nothing says late spring to me like the smell of fresh strawberries, still warm from the sun. You want the smaller ones from a farmers’ market or local provider: although they don’t have the size of the mammoth version you can find in the supermarket year-round, the flavor punch they pack is huge.

If you have any berries left after eating them straight from the carton or maybe slicing them with a little fresh cream, the recipes below offer plenty of ideas for chilled soups, sides, and desserts that are excellent for bringing to potlucks or simply serving with supper in the backyard.

Warmest regards,

Kara Rota

Editorial Director

by Chicago’s Green City Market

“I was inspired to make this jam from Peter Klein’s (Seedling Enterprises) wonderful strawberries. I have used this jam as filling in an updated twist on Linzer cookies, and as a garnish for spring cheese plates with local goat cheese and Potter’s rhubarb crackers. The recipe is easily doubled.” -Mary McMahon, chef, Elawa Farm

More Strawberry Recipes from Cookstr
by Tony Abou-Ganim

Smokin’ Salmon Pizza by Craig Whitson and Tore Gjesteland

“In Norway, we eat a lot of salmon: poached, oven-baked, grilled-you name It. We also eat a lot of gravlax (cured salmon) and, of course, smoked salmon. Asparagus is a vegetable we often serve with salmon, and we also use it on this delightful pizza.” – Craig Whitson and Tore Gjesteland

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