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The Cookstr Weekly: Ten Burgers for Summer

June 29, 2015
Featured Recipe: BLT Ranch Burgers 
by Katie Lee


During the barbecue season that stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there’s perhaps no dish as iconic as that star of the show, the burger. As a kid, I vastly preferred the smooth texture and pure saltiness of a hot dog, each juicy bite smothered in ketchup. With the flat, dry, hockey-puck burgers  topped with a single slice of rubbery cheese that abounded at pool parties and park picnics, who could blame me?

But in adulthood, I struggle to think of a chargrilled pleasure more worthwhile than a thick, well-salted patty (be it beef, bison, turkey, or legume-based) joined by a vast array of good cheeses, in-season vegetables and other favorite toppings.

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Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Marcus Samuelsson

“How do you take the most iconic American food and make it even more American? That was the question I asked myself when I set out to put my own mark on the classic hamburger. My number one priority was to create a great interplay of textures among the bun, the toppings, and the patty itself.”

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Cara Eisenpress, the cofounder of the blog Big Girls, Small Kitchen and coauthor of the cookbook In The Small Kitchen, explains how you can make fantastic meals even in less than ideal environments. 


Slow-roasting concentrates the flavor of plum tomatoes and caramelizes their natural sugars. If you stop the roasting while the softened tomato halves still hold their shape, they will make a juicy topping perfectly sized to fit baguette toasts. A schmear of tangy yogurt cheese under the tomato balances the sweetness.”

 – Janet Fletcher

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