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The Cookstr Weekly: Get Pickled

July 16, 2015

Pickling, preserving, and canning are all excellent ways to preserve summer’s bounty of fresh produce while making sides and condiments that go perfectly with this season’s meals, from grilled meats to simple sandwiches.

Home pickling generally falls into two categories: vinegar pickling and salt water pickling, the latter of which uses fermentation to preserve and pickle your vegetables, and results in probiotic pickles. I’ve been experimenting with salt water pickling plenty this summer, and my favorite part is the cold jar of leftover pickle brine in the refrigerator, an ingredient to add to salad dressings or just to slug straight as a surprisingly refreshing, satisfying probiotic boost.

From beets to watermelon rind, here are ten recipes to try your hand at home pickling.

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Kara Rota
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by Terry Golson

Eggs don’t get any prettier than this. The whites absorb the beet juice and turn purple, and yet the yolks remain bright yellow. Not only are these beautiful, but they taste great, too. Add pickled eggs to a green salad, use them in a cobb salad, or serve them quartered with the beets as part of an antipasto plate.” – Terry Golson

More Pickle Recipes from Cookstr
by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

Anna Jones believes that the way we eat is changing. As we move away from eating high-sugar, high-salt processed food, we crave a wide variety of flavors, colors, and textures that celebrate the joyful experience of eating. Anna’s approach to vegetarian eating is approachable, forgiving, and feasible to fit into a wide range of lifestyles. Here are some of her insights.

And don’t forget to catch up on episodes you missed on iTunes. 

“A gem of a recipe from the Eastern Mediterranean kitchen, these succulent meatballs bathe in a sauce that will have you scraping the bowl. I have seen similar recipes for whole lamb shanks or chunks of shoulder, but meatballs cook more quickly. They are browned first, and then simmered in broth, but the magic happens just before serving, when yogurt and a beaten egg are whisked in to thicken the juices. Sizzling red-pepper butter provides a final flourish. Serve with bulgur or rice pilaf, or with egg noodles.” – Janet Fletcher

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