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The Cookstr Weekly: Apples Sweet and Savory

September 25, 2015

Nothing tastes as much like Autumn to me as the crunch of a fresh, juicy apple – not even the ubiquitous pumpkin-and-espresso combination. But you might not want to eat more than an apple a day out of hand, and it would be a mistake to relegate the versatile fruit to pies.

Paired with the earthy and savory flavors in ingredients like squash, brussels sprouts, chicken, and pork, apples make a welcome addition in soups, salads, and main courses, as well as desserts. And of course, don’t forget the apple and cheese combo that’s beloved for everyone from after-school snackers to Midwest pie enthusiasts.

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Kara Rota

Editorial Director
by Amy Pennington

 “This recipe is super simple to make and highlights the flavors of each ingredient. Pairing bitter Brussels sprouts with sweet fall apples creates a nice contrast. The secret to this dish is allowing the Brussels sprouts to brown, coaxing out their sweetness. Apple bits are tossed in during the last few minutes of cooking-just enough time to cook the fruit through without it breaking down. All in all, you are aiming for a perfectly al dente dish here, where natural flavors reign. The addition of toasted pine nuts warms it up and adds heartiness.”

More Apple Recipes from Cookstr

with Kath Younger,
Kath Younger, a mom, registered dietitian, bakery owner, and the blogger behind Kath Eats Real Food, joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about picky eaters, lunchbox strategies, and why oatmeal is her favorite breakfast. 

My version of tortilla soup is homey, comforting, and my family is nuts about it–as are the Skobes. And the real fun is in the garnishes, from the crispy tortillas to all of the other options listed below. This is a real-meal soup. If you’re making this soup in late summer, try using 3 seeded and chopped large fresh tomatoes in place of the canned. A brighter, lighter-tasting version of itself.” 
Katie Workman
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