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The Cookstr Weekly: Healthier Starters & Sides for Thanksgiving

December 3, 2015
Many of us are quite unwilling to accept any changes to our beloved Thanksgiving dishes.  It might be that you find it inconceivable to imagine your Thanksgiving dinner unless there are fried onions atop the green bean casserole – or sausage and chestnuts in the sourdough stuffing. But there are other places in the meal that might be ripe for a bit of culinary innovation, or at least an opportunity to get some vegetables on the plate without much done to them involving butter.
A colorful fall salad full of seasonal produce or a whole-grain-studded side dish may fit the bill, and even become one of your new favorite traditions – as either a replacement for or just in addition to those creamy, garlicky, buttery mashed potatoes (never parsnips, thank you, nor cauliflower), which happen to be my unbudgingly favorite part of the Thanksgiving spread.
 Warmest regards,
Kara Rota
Editorial Director


by Douglas McNish



This version of the classic American salad replaces iceberg lettuce with heart-healthy kale and the mayonnaise with a delicious oil-free blended dressing. The key is to cut the kale very finely to allow it to soften properly.
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Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks have truly changed people’s relationships to cooking. In her new book, Simply Nigella, she’s sharing with us the meals that nourish her daily life. On the Clever Cookstr, Nigella talks about her food philosophy, the joys of bowlfood, and advice to aspiring cooks.  


“I’m a sucker for sweet potatoes and welcome them at all times of the day (perhaps this is what landed me a seat as an advising chef to the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission). For these breakfast buns, the potato is folded into the dough and dressed with bourbon, brown sugar and chopped pecans.
– Sara Foster


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